Friday, January 14, 2011

ACEO Giveaway

I thought it was about time I did a giveaway for one of my ACEO's the winner will be able to pick any one of their choice from my shop.

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All you have to do is answer the following 3 questions and the one that I like the best will win. Leave you answers as comments or if you are unable to comment e-mail me at and I will add them in for all to see.

1. What Disney Character are you like and why?

2. If you had an Alien visitor where would you take them to for a day trip?

and finally.

3 What else could the initials ACEO stand for?

Good luck!!! Make me laugh and I will pick a winner a week today (21st Jan) at 10pm


  1. I've given you a tweet - hope you get lots of entries!

  2. 1. What Disney Character are you like and why?

    - The grumpy clock from beauty and the beast

    2. If you had an Alien visitor where would you take them to for a day trip?

    - Ikea cafe for meatballs

    3 What else could the initials ACEO stand for?

    Active Cake Eating Opening

  3. 1. Minnie Mouse - looks dumb but has a shrewd business mind behind the façade as she controls Mickey :) Plus she has cute shoes!

    2. Charity shop shopping!

    3. Always certainly eat onions - they are very good for you!

  4. What Disney Character are you like and why? Belle

    2. If you had an Alien visitor where would you take them to for a day trip? my house

    3 What else could the initials ACEO stand for?
    A Call (for) Electricity On

  5. 1 Peter Pan cos I'll never grow up!
    2 Thorpe Park...that'll confuse 'em!
    3 A Cake at Every Opportunity

  6. comments from JH

    Tinkerbell Alien to Stonehenge and ask why they put it there Aceo - aren't creatives everso original

  7. 1. Elastigirl from the Increcibles,
    2. Burrow Mump of course,
    3. Amusing Capricious Exalted Opulence
    (I prefer the Above Cake Eating Option!!)

  8. 1) I'd have to be the fairy godmother, can make something out of nothing and leave fairy dust wherever I go! actually it's mica powder but don't tell anyone
    2)Joderell Bank, so they can show us where they live
    3)Always Creative, Ever Optomistic

  9. 1. Dopey out of the 7 dwarfs i think.
    2. The Library.
    3.A Choice Edited Original.

  10. I'd be Sebastian the little out- of- breath crab. He knows what's best but does anybody ever listen? Sigh. Plus, I lurve the devil and the deep blue sea! ;)
    If I met an alien right now and had the money to take him places, I'd take him to Celtic Park. I know, it's only football, but you'd want to show a visitor the best there is, right? My best experiences ever hail from Celtic, so... I reckon, why not? They might as well be thrown right into the thick of it!
    And ACEO... all come'n enjoy one! (preferably on the house)

  11. from PG
    I'd be Donkey from Shrek, annoying, never stop talking, hum alot but likeable never the less.

    I'd take an alien to my home and show them the same respect and hospitality i hope they would show me.
    Affection, Care, Empathy, Optimism

  12. Lovely giveaway!

    I think I'd probably be Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast. Round, warm, and convinced that a cup of tea will solve anything!

    As for the alien, I'd probably take them to a museum to show them dinosaur bones and cool things like that!

    And ACEO... Always carry edible oranges. By that I mean ones that arn't bitter. Nothing better than a sweet orange, but nothing worse than a bitter one!

  13. I'm probably most like Happy from the Seven Dwarfs, because I'm (almost)always cheerful and optimistic. Sometimes my happy disposition annoys my colleagues. My boss has described me as 'distressingly cheerful'!:)

    I'd take the alien to Chester Zoo, because I love the place and I'd like to show them some of the wonderful creatures we have on this planet

    ACEO for me could stand for Adeptly Collecting Endless Originals!

  14. What a fantastic give-away and a lovely competition to pick the winner.

    1. I would have to be WallE, the little cleaning robot, the last thing on earth, trying desperately to be cheerful, think the best and keep things tidy, and leaving a huge messy pile everywhere, but still happy and hoping for the best.

    2. Alien, I would take them to see my Mummy, she'd confuse the heck out of them, pour copious amounts of tea into them, feed them at every opportunity and ask them every question concievable, we'd have the answers about life, the universe and everything by the time she had finished.

    3. All Creation Echos Originality.

    Natalie x

  15. Baloo from Jungle book

    My house see ET on dvd to see if they were related

    Apple Cox's Equals Orchard

  16. 1. Elastigirl from The Incredibles..........ask my hubby why?! ;)

    2. My in-laws as they would be well suited!

    3. A Chocolate Eating Obsession

    Mimi x

  17. 1. Tigger - ever the optimist and full of creative bounce!
    2. I'd take them to the coast - bucket and spade in hand for a day of traditional, non-technological fun!
    3. A chocolate everlasting orange!!

  18. 1.Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, beacause if I don't win I'll shout " off with er head!

    2.I don't have time for that sort of thing so I'd take those aliens straight to my local Indian for a bucket of vindaloo that should blast them back to space before you can say "alien day bus rider pass" please!

    3.An Cunning Eggless Omlette!

  19. 1. What Disney Character are you like and why?
    I'm like Sully from Monsters Inc. I'm not hairy and blue no; but I have a big heart and if something pulls at my heart strings it's so heart to resist. Just like little Boo pulled on his. I'm the very same about my house bunnies. :-D

    2. If you had an Alien visitor where would you take them to for a day trip? I'd probably take them to the bead shop; because it's just glorious! and then to a rabbit rescue; there are 33,000 rabbits in rescues; if I can show an alien that; I can show anyone!

    and finally.

    3 What else could the initials ACEO stand for?
    Apes Cook Eggs Often.


    Thanks so much for doing this, it's brilliant.

    Jaysmonkey's Jewellery - Stef xxx

  20. im like goofy,because im always doing something daft,but I am lovable too.
    I would take an alien to Barry Island and go on the log flume.
    Animals come ere often

  21. This Giveaway is now closed. I will notify the winer soon and write about it on my next blog thank you to everyone that entered